How to Create Your Important Photos, Videos, & Documents Backup easily?

By Rimzhim Sharma October 1, 2016 How To, Tech Tips

A couple of days back my smartphone froze and failed to restart even after my various efforts to fix it. I even tried to hard reboot it which followed removing the battery and re inserting it back. But still it didn’t work so I sent it to the service center. Unfortunately, when I received it back it was wiped clean and set to factory reset mode. All my data, contacts and photos were lost which left me devastated.

This situation helped me wonder how great it would have been if I had created a backup of my device so that I could easily restore my old data and face no stress. Yet despite the obvious benefits we fail to create regular backups of our devices-be it your system or mobile phone.

You are not alone to face this misery because it only takes a fraction of second to face an unseen situation, to compromise your critical data and jeopardize you tasks. Despite the increasing advancement in technology, one thing that still remains vulnerable is your data, and the loss can leave you in unwanted and stressful situations.

Why are Backups essential

Restoring your data and creating timely backups ensures that you your data will stay protected even if something goes wrong with your device. One can easily restore his old data from the last checkpoint of backup creation.

There are a number of ways which can lead to unexpected loss of your Data-System Crash, Virus Attack, Hard drive Failure, Physical damage, Human error, Power Failure, Theft or any other catastrophe maybe.

Backing up your data in timely manner ensures that you don’t put yourself in a situation of risk of losing data which causes a huge impact on our efficiency.

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This is not something you need to do on a daily basis but doing it once month is what is recommended.

Protection is always better than the “Loss”, so create regular backups to have the peace of mind!

How should I Backup My Data

There are numerous ways for backing up your data but out of them the following three are the most basic and trouble-free ways:

  • External Hard Drive-An external hard drive is a hard disk drive just like the one inside your computer, where you can store any kind of file.


  • Flash Drive-A flash drive plugs into your computer through the USB port and once connected, you can copy or drag and drop files onto it.


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  • Cloud Storage-Cloud storage is system where you move your files from your computer to a server in a data center, away from your home or work.


Easiest way to Back up your data

Right Back up anywhere is the easiest and fastest online backup solution ever. It lets you access your files anywhere. All the data is stored and saved on the cloud storage in the most affordable manner which lets you have an anytime anywhere access.

The data is secured with multiple layers of protection which safeguards data theft in the most efficient way.

Right Backup is available for all Platforms-Windows, Mac, iOS, as well as android.

The link for the website is mentioned below:

So now no more fear cause’ right Backup is here!

Want to know more about how to create Backups-You can call us on (855) 765-6710 Toll Free (USA, Canada) for any further assistance.




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