9 Things You’ll Love About Siri in iOS 10

By Rimzhim Sharma October 17, 2016 iOS, Tech Tips

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Most apple users don’t realize how powerful and crazy their iPhone can get. If you think that you are utilizing your iPhone 100% then you are not quite right. Siri is a remarkable, feature of iPhones which a lot of us don’t really know much about. Keeping apart the common tasks like changing the wallpaper or setting reminders, Siri can now master almost half your world.

There is almost an endless list of Siri’s features that can add a hint of personal touch to enhance your digital experience.

So let’s have a look at these incredible new Siri hacks which can make your life a lot easier and simpler.

  • Measurement conversions

Euros to dollar? Celsius to Fahrenheit? Siri’s got em’ all! As long as you ask Siri in the accurate manner (keeping in mind about the correct formats) she can handle all of your complex queries. Now leave all the knotty conversions to Siri and save your precious time.


  • Book Reservations

With the iOS 10 upgrade Siri is now capable of accessing a variety of third party applications. So just sit back and relax while Siri books a cab for you on Uber or makes a reservation for you at the nearby restaurant. Let Siri handle all the complex decisions while you enjoy your meal. Bon appétit!


  • Smart Reminders based on location

Not only Siri will just remind you now, but she’ll remind you “smartly”. Say you’re traveling and you set a reminder to collect medicines on your way back home. Siri will now send you a quick alert based on your current location so that it helps you to remember better, leaving no chance for you to forget by taking care of your important errands.

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  • Control Music Smartly

Siri can now make your music listening experience way better. Play, pause and skip are now old school; you can now ask Siri to shuffle your playlist or identify a tune you like. So next time if you hear a song on radio or restaurant just grab your phone and ask Siri to identify the tune and get ready to roll.


  • Travel Places in a go

Now, there is no need to type in the whole address of a location. The Apple maps have become much more advanced now. You can simply say “Take me office” or “Take me Home” to Siri and rest will be taken care of easily. Forget about the tedious typing and simply set the landmarks for your favorite locations.

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  • Siri now understands relationships too!

Call Husband, Call Brother! Say it out loud as now Siri is capable of understanding your relationships too. Just make a note and instruct her once & you are ready to go. Next time whenever you need to make a call just say “Call husband” and Siri will make a call straightaway.

  • Manage your Device Settings

Siri can now manage your control center too. So now whenever you need to turn on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or manage your screen’s brightness just ask Siri to minimize your efforts in a snap.

  • Settle Disputes with Siri

If you are having a wrangle with your best friend to decide which restaurant to eat in or which dress to choose, then just ask Siri to flip a coin to settle who wins. Siri is also capable of rolling a dice in case there are multiple conflicts of decision. Just tell her to “Roll the Dice” and she’ll surprise you with the fascinating results.


  • Make Siri your Gym Trainer

Along with your day to day tasks Siri can now become your workout assistant too. With the iOS 10 upgrade Siri can now access your fitness apps to start, stop or pause a workout session.

Isn’t’ it great? We bet most of you were not aware about all these awesome features of Siri. Try them out now and to get started…


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