8 awesome hacks to Remove a Stuck CD/DVD from MacBook

By TPS October 28, 2016 Mac

MacBooks are well known for offering a superior quality hardware wrapped in a very stylish shell. Unfortunately, sometimes style gets in way of function, and one of that area on a MacBook is the CD/DVD optical drive (aka SuperDrive). If we insert a disc that cannot be read correctly, the drive might just refuse to even eject the disc (even if we push the eject button a few times or right click eject from the desktop). This can be especially troublesome and even if we try to boot, the drive will remain stuck in a loop and can make MacBook crash until and unless we remove the disc.

Unlike Windows PCs, where we can just insert a pin to open the optical drive, the MacBook SuperDrive does not have any manual way to eject the disc.


So here are a few hacks that can help you deal with this problem in a pretty easy manner-

  1. This first method is pretty straightforward. If we have a mouse or mighty mouse connected, reboot MacBook and hold down the mouse button while booting. If you’re are lucky, this simple trick will work and will eject the CD/DVD drive.


  1. This is a follow up solution to the above, but is only applicable if we don’t have a mouse connected. Press and hold the trackpad/touchpad button while booting MacBook to try and eject the disc from the drive.


  1. This is more of a long shot than a practical solution. Strangely, some people have reported success by simply leaving the MacBook turned on for around 5-10 minutes while it’s attempting to boot. It might eventually boot up and the stuck CD/DVD will automatically eject.

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  1. If the above methods didn’t work well, we can use the odd way out too. Simply type the following command in the terminal bash and hit enter:


  1. You can also download third party tools to eject the stuck CD/DVD. One of the most common tool is ForcEject. ForcEject is a tiny little tool of about 100KB that simply does what it says and tries to force your Superdrive to eject the stuck optical disc.


To use the ForcEject Tool, download and run it and an icon will appear on your menu bar. Click on the icon to popup a menu and either select to eject an internal or external SuperDrive. Hopefully, this will pop out the stuck disc in your drive.

  1. You can also try your luck with the help of some manual methods. Just tilt the MacBook to an angle of about 45 degrees, and then press the eject key. If the disk isn’t stuck inside the drive, it will pop out. Tilt MacBook sideways if the drive is on the other side of the MacBook, forward towards you if the drive is at the front.


  1. While tilting above often works, sometimes a more extreme version of that method is required to get the disc to eject. Instead of tilting the Macbook to 45 degrees, simply turn it completely upside down while simultaneously pressing the eject key.
  1. Since the disc is being read in an infinite loop, we can try using a small piece of cardboard and insert it into the gap until it touches the disc to stop it from reading, then press eject key few times. An example of a good material for this job is a battery wrapper, cardboard or a thick birthday card or even a credit card may work as well.


So Good Luck with removing the stuck disc in your MacBook! Hopefully one of these methods works out for you which could save your time (and possibly money too!)

For any other further assistance, you can give us a call on our toll free number 855-675-6710 (US, Canada).



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