4 Easy tips to Fix Computer Hangs & Freezes

By Deepak Saxena October 13, 2016 Tech Tips

What does a lazy weekend consist of? Bringing on the latest GOT episodes? Or maybe the nth re-run of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? And just when Chandler is about to deliver his best lines, your laptop freeze frames his open mouth.

A ‘frozen’ computer is one of the most common technical issues one faces. A frozen or hung computer refuses to respond.

Here is a list of some of the most common reasons for a frozen system and easy tips to fix it.

  • An application or a program may stop responding because of command overload. To close a program which is not responding, simply press Ctrl + Alt+ Del on your keyboard. This will open the Task Manager dialogue box which will show you a list of open application/programs on your system. Choose the program that is not responding from the list and click on the ‘End Task’ option at the lower right-hand corner of the box. Usually, the program non-responsive program will close within a few seconds and your system will start working normally.

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  • At times, your System can freeze owing to a memory management problem. Let’s understand this in detail. In all the systems there are two types of memory viz. RAM and ROM. RAM is the memory which every program uses when it is running i.e. all the running programs use a part of RAM as per their requirement. Say for example you are having $100 to spend on grocery, fuel and phone bills. If you spend $50 on grocery and $50 on fuel, you will exhaust all your money. So if you have a phone bill of $100 you will have nothing left to spend on grocery and fuel. Similarly, if your RAM is already being utilized by the programs which are running and you have started one more program your system will freeze. To get out of this situation you can start Task Manager as explained in the above section. In Task Manager, there is a performance tab in which you will find a button called ‘Resource Monitor’ . Click on it and you will find all the processes running with the percentage of CPU they are using. From here you can prioritize your programs and end a process which you don’t need at a particular time.

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  • CPU overheating can also be a reason for a slow working system and frequent freezes. Most common reason of CPU overheating is dust. Hardware components such as CPU fan etc. can be cleaned by using compressed air cans. You can avoid system hangs due to overheating by cleaning your CPU from time to time.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you run an application related to a specific hardware your system stops responding? For example, your computer works fine all the time but as soon as you start the webcam it stops responding. The reason behind this is the software and hardware conflict. It can be resolved by installing the correct driver for the hardware or by updating it.

If you still find that these fixes don’t work for you, and neither your keyboard nor your mouse is responding, then you can go for a ‘hard reboot’ option. To do this, press and hold the power button for around 5 to 6 seconds, your computer will shut down and then you can restart it. Turning off the system from power button in CPU is always better than turning it off from the main power supply.

There! Now you can have as many binge sessions as you want.

Let us know what other common tech issues you would like assistance with, in the comments section below.




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