10 Interesting Shortcut Keys for any Web Browser

By Deepak Saxena October 8, 2016 Browsers, How To

Everyone is connected to the Internet these days. We all use internet on our laptops, computers, tabs, mobiles, and yet the Internet era has just about begun.

We have a number of web browsers to choose from to make our Internet experience better. Some browsers come pre-installed on our devices. Otherwise, we can download and install others as per our requirements.

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But before going into all that, let’s understand what is a web browser? In simple terms, it is an application which helps us access multiple websites and Internet platforms simultaneously. Some of the best known and popular web browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. We use these applications on a daily basis but sometimes we get messed up with small things such as an accidently closed tab, where to find a recently downloaded file? etc. In this article, I will discuss some easy shortcuts to use a web browser efficiently. These tricks are applicable on most of the commonly used web browsers.

  • To navigate between one tab to another we can use Ctrl + tab on the keyboard. This is the simplest and fastest way to navigate from one tab to other within the browser.
  • To re-open an accidently closed tab you can press Ctrl + Shift + t. This will open your last closed tab and will keep opening closed tabs (in the order you closed them) if you will press it multiple times.
  • To view recently downloaded files you can press Ctrl + J on your keyboard. This will show you the list of all downloaded files. This shortcut is more useful when you are using Mozilla Firefox because recently downloaded files are normally not visible in this web browser.
  • To clear browsing history press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. This will open a window in which you can choose what all you want to clear and for what time duration like for last hour, for the previous day or a month or from the beginning of time.
  • For making your browser full screen you can use the F11 key on the Keyboard. It can be used when sometimes you cannot see a ‘next’ or a ‘submit’ button at the end of a web page because it gets overlapped by your task bar. To keep your browser safe from malicious programs, you can take these precautions.
  • Clear your browsing history and caches from time to time. Also remove unused extensions, add-ons or plug-ins.
  • Avoid saving passwords or saving them on your browser.
  • Go for a good Internet security software because most of the malicious programs come to your computer either from external drives or from the Internet.
  • Do not download and run any suspected program.

Hope the above tricks will help you to run your web browser effectively as a good web browsing experience also includes safe browsing!

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