Tired of Deleting Duplicate Contacts on Your iPhone? Not Any More!

By Rimzhim Sharma September 23, 2016 Tech Tips

John John…Kevin. Smith Smith! Have you ever faced this redundancy while scrolling through your phone book? Manually searching the contacts tab on our iOS device is something that a large percentage of us would have done at some point or another.

If you’ve got only few duplicate contacts here and there, then removing them manually is no big deal. But imagine the list being of 450 contacts and you don’t know where the duplicate contacts are stored (Like you don’t know which contact entry is saved twice or maybe thrice) then it may become a haphazard task to find and delete the duplicate ones out of that lengthy list.

Why do Duplicate contacts occur?

Duplicate contacts can strike as a result of using iCloud or due to an issue with your address book or email client on your server. When using your iPhone for both your business and personal purposes, it often happens that we sync more than one devices on iTunes. Depending on how the contacts were duplicated, we can resolve our problem by troubleshooting the source of the problem.

Another significant reason of why our contacts get replicated is the interference of third party soft wares like Facebook, Outlook or Gmail. While installing these apps we often click on the “import contacts” option which leads to duplicate creation of our contacts.

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Removing the Contacts Manually

If you need to remove only a few duplicate contacts, then this is the most convenient way. You can easily get rid of the duplicate contacts of your iPhone by following these quick simple steps:

  • Firstly, you need to open the contacts app on your iPhone.
  • On this screen you will view your contact list and then scroll down to the contact which need to be fixed.
  • Then Tap on one of the duplicate contact which need to removed.
  • Tap on Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once the Edit tab is active then you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see “Delete Contact” option.
  • And just like that its done in fraction of seconds!

Tune Up your Contacts – The easy way!

Why to manually scroll down to the list of thousands of contacts to find the duplicate ones when we thankfully have an app to do this. TuneUp Contacts is an easiest way to get rid of duplicate contacts and avoid confusion with duplicated entries, improving your address book performance.

Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

With TuneUp Contacts you can easily get rid of duplicated entries in the simplest and user friendly way:

  • Finds and cleans all you duplicate contacts with an ease.
  • Let’s you Group your contacts into various sub categories like Family, friends work and more.
  • You can choose to merge or delete the contacts.
  • Merge all the duplicates to keep your address book in perfect order.
  • Back up your contacts so that you never lose them.
  • Clean duplicates even if you sync from multiple accounts.
  • Share the app with your friends, it’s so easy and fun!


Download Now!

Easily organize all your contacts and enjoy a clean and handy contact list on your iPhone.

TuneUp contacts is available on the app store.




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