Tips to Create A Strong & Secure Password

By Rimzhim Sharma September 21, 2016 How To

Cyber security is extremely important especially when cybercrime is at an all-time high. So here’s a comprehensive guide to creating strong and secure passwords and keep your accounts safe.

It gets really frustrating when you are signing up for a new account and the password length keeps on screening as weak again and again. Despite of our various efforts we are still unable to create a strong password for our account. Even if we are successful to create one, then we have another big snag to conquer- To remember it! Mostly a lot of us face hard times in remembering our passwords of our multiple accounts. With the increased usage of social media, it gets tough to manage and to remember the passwords for each and every account.

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Due to this 90% of us tend to re-use our passwords and keep a common password for all our accounts. This is not a healthy practice to be taken as it exposes you to the threats of cyber-criminal activities. To avoid yourself from this condition you should learn how to create a strong password that can enhance your online security.

How to create a strong Password?

To add an extra layer of security to your accounts here are some useful tips to be kept in mind while creating a new password-

  • The key aspect for creating a strong password is length- The longer the better and harder to crack. We should always try to create lengthy passwords for our accounts which are at least (or more) 12 characters long.
  • Avoid using your first and last name as a password as they are extremely easy to guess.
  • Mix it up! Try to combine and create a combination of alphabets numeric digits and special symbols (For example: Admin_1234#XYZ).
  • Try to create a password by remembering your favorite incident. Say “Driving to LA on 9th of December” can be summarized into a password as “DRLA_912”. In this way you can easily remember your password without a stress.
  • Try the random password generator to create new passwords (but don’t forget to save it somewhere).
  • Switch the sentence Cases-Upper and lower case combination like “PaSsWoRdPrOtEcTiOn101”.
  • Come up with a set of random words or some famous phrase like “I love New York city” which can be used as “ILNYC”.

Tips to remember your password:

Once you are done creating a strong password the next tough task is to remember it. On an average we all have 20 accounts to handle which require a password. At some point or another we all are struggling to remember our password for these bulk of accounts. If we create our passwords in a clever & smart manner it minimizes the risk of forgetting them at all. So here are some useful tips to remember your password if you are suffering from password overload tension.

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  • Make your password with a hint of personal touch, it’s much easier to remember that way. For example: Adding your DOB’s digits at the end of password.
  • Use a reliable password manager app which includes the list of all your important passwords.
  • Create your password by using initials of any phrase, poem or song lyrics so that you can easily recall it. For example: “Humpty dumpty sat on a wall” can be used as “HDSOAW”.
  • Use your favorite emoticon symbols so that it lets you create a strong and secure password like: P 😉



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