LIVE Photos-The new era of Photography

By Rimzhim Sharma September 24, 2016 iOS, Tech News

Not video Not GIF but something more special than that!

Apple’s new innovation of LIVE photos has elevated the level of photography to a much advanced level. Our iPhone 6S and 6s plus (and higher) are now enabled for clicking LIVE photographs which can add an element of life to all your pictures.

What are LIVE photos?

LIVE photos are simply animated photos which capture a moment of half a second before and after the still shot. It is basically used to capture a photo when the subject is in a state of movement and brings it to life by adding motion & sound effects. With Apple’s enhance technology of taking LIVE photos, allow us to relive our moments to the fullest.

How to click LIVE photos with your iPhone 6s?

The LIVE photo option is only available in the iPhone 6s and 6s plus models. Unfortunately, the old iPhone users might not be in luck here. So to click a LIVE photo with your iPhone first launch the camera app. As soon as the cam mode is active you’ll see one circular icon at the mid-top section of your screen. If its lit up with yellow color it depicts that the LIVE photo mode is ON. Then, click a picture just in the same way as you usually do and keep the phone in stationery mode. It is really important to understand that in the case of LIVE photos, the subject has to be in movement and not our phone.

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How to view your LIVE photo?

To view your LIVE photos head on to Photos section and tap on camera roll. There you’ll see all your captured shots, click on the selected picture and hard press on the screen to animate the image.

However, all your LIVE photo collection will be saved in camera roll only as oddly, apple has not yet created a separate folder to store the same.

How to turn off the LIVE photo mode?

LIVE photo mode is turned ON by default, to turn it off you need to click on the same icon (as covered in the former section) which is available in the camera app, the one between the HDR and timer option. As soon as it will turn OFF it will change the color from yellow to default white.

Should all your photos be LIVE?

The size of a LIVE photo is actually double as that of a normal one so, it is recommended to click your photos selectively. Capturing all your photos with the LIVE option enabled can take up a lot of storage space on your iPhone. The LIVE photos are stored with a MOV format as well as the normal still shots are saved with a simple JPG format.

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Editing your LIVE photo can make it a still shot!

If you are selecting the edit option of the live photo it might turn it into a normal still shot. All the effects that will be applied will be effective on the still shot and not on the animated version. In case you have made some changes in you photo you can revert back to the original state at any point of time. Simply tap the edit option and click on “Revert back to original” option.



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