Learn How to Hide Your Photos Files and Folder in Your Windows PC

By Rimzhim Sharma September 24, 2016 How To, Windows

Agree or not but we all are pretty possessive about securing our private data. However, even if there is nothing that we need to be ashamed of, but we do have our privates stuff lying down in our PC which we don’t want others to be poky about. Hence at some point or another we all feel a need of hiding our personal data into hidden folders so that they are not easily accessible to a third party or if someone wants to share your PC.

By hiding your private files, you won’t’ need to hesitate any more before giving your PC to anyone or if ever your kid asks for it to play a game. You can freely share your PC with any one you want without being exposed for your private/important data.

Let’s get started with how to hide your files and folder on a windows PC.

Windows 8 and 10

  • To hide your file or folder on windows open the windows explorer.
  • Right click on the file or document which you want to hide and click on “Properties” (probably at the end of drop down menu).
  • Once the properties window is open then on the General tab select the “Hidden” check box.
  • Click on the “OK” or apply button and you are done.
  • The file is now hidden from windows explorer.

NOTE: There are some special kind of system files which will not be hidden by this feature. But there is a separate procedure to do so.

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How to view your hidden files

Windows 8 or 10

  • To view a hidden file or folder click on the” View” tab which is present on the top ribbon of the window.
  • Enable the “Hidden” item checkbox mentioned below show/hide option.
  • After activating this option all the hidden files will now be visible on the screen (with a transparent icon so that you can easily distinguish).


Windows 7

  • Click the organize button on the top-left side of the screen.
  • Select the “Folder and search” option.
  • Once the folder options window is open switch to the “View” tab.
  • Select “Show hidden files, folder and driver” and click on OK and save changes.


How to make a “Super hidden” folder?

Almost everyone is now aware with basic knowledge of operating computers. So finding your hidden files and folders from your windows PC is no big deal with just tapping some few clicks here & there. But making your file not only hidden but “Super hidden” can actually be quite tough for anyone to find your private data. You can easily make your files extra safe and secure by just following these simple steps-

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  • Press the windows + R key and launch the command prompt.
  • Once the command prompt is active enter the following attrib command- attrib +s +h e:\gaols.txt by substituting it with the path location of your own folder.
  • Once the command is executed the file named “Goal.txt” will be no longer be visible in the windows explorer. Even if we select the show hidden files and folder option the files will be invisible.
  • To unhide the file we need to execute that command again but this time have to replace the “+” sign with “- “. The command will be as- “attrib -s -h e:\gaols.txt.
  • As soon as the command is executed the folder will automatically re-appear in the windows explorer.


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