How to Enable Private Browsing Mode on Your iPhone?

By Rimzhim Sharma September 30, 2016 How To

Did you know, that each time you visit a page on safari web browser it gets recorded on your browsing history? There are many times when you are online shopping for your friend’s birthday gift and he/she accidentally grabs your phone. Your surprise is killed within a moment as soon as he taps the safari app. In such situations we always wish that “God, I wish I had deleted the web history earlier! “

On the contrast there are even handful of situations when we are benefited with the already restored cache memory of our iOS device. The cache is basically a hub where safari stores the browsing data and avoid refreshing the site each time we access it.

But even if none of this affects you, cleaning the cache data periodically is recommended for having a healthy and safe browsing experience.

It’s actually a great practice to commence.

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How to clear Safari History:

To clear the safari history from your iPhone firstly you need to perform the following simple steps:

  • Firstly, open the “Settings” and tap on Safari tab.
  • As soon as you are active on the Safari settings page, tap on “Clear History and website data” at the bottom.


  • Next you’ll be warned with a popup saying “Clearing will remove history, cookies and other browsing data”.


  • If you are ready to perform the desired action go ahead and tap on the “Clear History and Data”.
  • And it’s Done-You are now good to go for a safe browsing experience.

Learn How to Enable Private Browsing Mode on your Safari:

Before getting to know how to enable private browsing mode let’s highlight over what actually are the benefits of it. Private Browsing was introduced by Apple in the fall of 2011, it helps in protecting our useful and private information. If the private browsing mode is on Safari won’t remember the pages you visit, your search history, or your auto fill information. This is an incredible feature when you need to cover your browsing tracks for no matter whatever reason (Just in case when you want to be privacy Conscious).

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To enable the Private Browsing on your iPhone is just a piece of cake: –

  • If you are an old iPhone user (iOS 8 or 9) First, you need to unlock your device, go to the Settings>Safari>Privacy and turn the Private Browsing button to “ON”.
  • The iOS 10 users can directly commence from this step. Simply launch the Safari App. Visit any web page and tap on the URL to make the URL bar and navigation buttons visible.
  • Tap the panels icon in the corner, (icon of two overlapping squares).


  • Select the “Private” option to enable private browsing mode,
  • Go Surf safe! Your browsing history will no longer be recorded on your iOS device.

Always Remember…

  • Private Browsing won’t protect you from viruses (no matter how rare they be on iPhone), hacking or in cases of identity theft. The data will still be stored at the website server hubs but it just won’t be recorded on your iOS device.
  • Private Browsing does not give you a license for being secure, we should always be extra careful while sharing any personal information online.
  • If you usually prefer to browse without activating private mode ON, remember to close the tab before exiting.

Hope these tips helps you to surf safe and protect your private life from being snooped around!



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