How to Easily Manage Notifications on iPhone or iPad

By Rimzhim Sharma September 29, 2016 How To, iOS

Doesn’t it make you fuzzy when each and every application’s notification on your iPhone starts blinking and popping on your screen? Notifications give us a quick and easy access to important information about our day. But sometimes we feel like disabling these unwanted notifications which cause a lot of interruption in the midst of our routine tasks.

Various Types of Notifications

Apple’s notification center’s easy pull down trigger makes it really convenient and user friendly to use. It works pretty well into managing everything that is happening in our iPhone or iPad. In just one shot of pulling it down from the top edge of our screen we can have a glance of all the applications and perform necessary actions then and there itself.

Apple has categorized the types of notifications into 3 types namely-

  • Sounds/Vibrate: A sound alert plays.
  • Banners: A banner appears on the screen.
  • Badges: An image or number appears on the app icon.

So as per our requirement we can easily customize the settings of our notification center. Let’s have a look at it in the successive section!

How to manage notifications in iOS

To easily manage the notifications settings, implement the following simple steps-

  • Open the settings and launch “Notifications”.
  • Here you will see a list of all the applications installed in your iPhone.


  • Say you want to manage the settings for Facebook app. Click on Facebook.
  • As soon as you redirected to the next page then at the top of the page you will see “Allow notification” option.


  • If we switch it off, then you will no longer be able to receive any notification pertaining to this particular application.

In this way we can easily Manage Notifications in iPhone. which app’s attention we want and which app’s notification has to be disabled.

Adding some more customization to notifications!

Not only we can enable/disable the notification but we can also customize how we want a particular notification to appear on our phone’s screen. Beyond this, we have the option to decide how many notifications can appear in the Notification Center (Ranging from zero to twenty). We can also pick a notification sound for our favorite apps, as well as whether or not this particular app can appear on the Lock Screen.

The former section has covered various types of notifications- say if we are in the Facebook’s notification setting page so as soon as you launch it you will see the following options (respectively)-

  • Allow notification– To enable/disable app’s notification.
  • Show in Notification Center– To choose whether we want the app to display any of its alerts or preview in the notification center of the lock screen.
  • Badge App icon– If we enable the badge app icon then we will see an unread notification alert on the top of the icon (the same kind of when we have an unread mail in our inbox).
  • Show on Lock Screen– To show alerts on the lock screen & notification center when accessed from the lock screen.
  • Alert Styles– To choose how a particular notification will appear whether you see that as a banner, an alert, or none at all.



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