Awesome Hacks – How to boost up your Wi-Fi speed!

By Rimzhim Sharma September 28, 2016 Tech Tips

Nothing is more annoying than using a slow and steady internet. After paying thousands of bucks over the Wi-Fi internet plan if our screens are still displaying the loading & Keep waiting signs then it gets extremely frustrating. Wi-Fi is one of the most important part for using computer as now 90% of our work requires internet connectivity. Here are some incredible ways to boost up your Wi-Fi speed.

Adjust the Router’s Position

Finding a perfect spot for your router solves half of our problems. The Wi-Fi router should be ideally placed so that it transmits the best signals. Routers should be placed in a way so that the signals don’t get obstructed by a wall or hard surface. We should make sure that routers are placed in the center of our home so that it provides us equal network coverage in all the areas. Also, to have a best Wi-Fi experience we should try to place our gadget in line of sight of the Wi-Fi router.

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Keep the Router away from other interferences

We should avoid keeping our Wi-Fi router nearby television sets, microwaves, cordless phones etc. (from devices which emit electromagnetic waves) to avoid the interference of signals. Often the Wi-Fi speed is degraded due to this reason so the first thing to do is to check whether the Wi-Fi router is being interfered by any such device and place it properly.

Beware of Wi-Fi hackers

Cracking the password of Wi-Fi connection is not a tough task to accomplish. Any tech savvy geek can get an access to your Wi-Fi password very easily. So it is always recommended to use a strong password and keep updating it on a regular basis to avoid any kind of misuse. We also have a common practice of sharing our Wi-Fi passwords with our friends and family. As soon as they enter in the range of our house, their phones get automatically connected to your Wi-Fi connection due to which the speed is slowed down. Hence changing the passwords on a routine basis can solve this problem too!

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Analyze the Wi-Fi channel

If your resident is in a crowded area, then it’s better to use a Wi-Fi analyzer or Network analyzer app to keep a track of Wi-Fi network’s band width. Through these apps we can switch to low crowded channels very easily and enhance our Wi-Fi’s speed.

Using Repeaters

This is the cheapest and most handy solution for increasing your Wi-Fi modem’s speed. Repeaters basically work as range extending devices specially in the remote parts of your home. However, the speed will be a little slower than the original Wi-Fi router but it works wonder if installed properly.

Reboot once a day

No matter how traditional and non-techy it sounds but rebooting your router once a day actually might help to power up the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

Update the firmware

Just like all other devices your Wi-Fi router even need timely software updates. To make your Wi-Fi router give its best performance we should make sure to regularly update the firmware of the device. The timely updates ensure that the router is working at its best condition and optimize the network’s performance.



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