Apple Might Come Up with Most Unique Way to Save Your iPhone from Stealing

By Rimzhim Sharma September 22, 2016 Tech News

One more star has been added to apple’s plate for enhancing the security of iPhone beyond imaginary levels. Apple has recently applied for a US patent which will allow it for collecting biometric information (such as fingerprints and pictures) in case of an unauthorized access. If we talk in technical terms, then the patent is called as “Biometric Capture for Unauthorized user identification”. Simplifying the same means that if your iPhone is somehow lost or attempted for an illegal use then it will now covertly record the thief’s fingerprint and pictures (even videos if needed).

How it works?

The proactive security system of Apple works in much of a same way as existing Touch ID verification processes. If somebody uses your iPhone in an unauthorized manner-after failing for all passcode entering efforts, the front camera of the phone will automatically be enabled for recording the thief’s picture. In addition to that, the biometric fingerprint will also be saved as an evidence. All this information will either be saved locally or be transferred to apple’s remote server so that in future it can be referred to track down various unauthorized activities occurring with your iPhone.

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The apple insider also states that the system can even log the keystrokes to determine what operations the unauthorized user was attempting to execute while using the device. Apple’s patent is also governed by device triggers, though different constraints might be applied to unauthorized user data aggregation. For example, in one embodiment a single failed authentication triggers the immediate capture of fingerprint data and a picture of the user.

Interestingly, the information that will be recorded will not be restricted to a single user but multiple users. Even if more than one user tries to steal your iPhone then all the information of those unauthorized users will be recorded as an evidence.

How it is done presently?

Currently, a user’s iPhone is protected against unauthorized use by going into a cool down period when the phone has had five failed attempts to unlock. A user can also set the phone to completely wipe the data in case of 10 failed unlock attempts. In case the phone is lost, it can be tracked down by using the “Find my iPhone” app which gives us an advantage of remotely wiping up all the data.

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Enhancing Security to much higher level!

Apple has always been a pioneer in terms of security, especially with the Touch ID recognition technology which seamlessly delivers quick and accurate results, has been able to attract millions of iPhone users worldwide.

The future iPhones will be way much secure with the launch of this patent. It will make the thieves do their calculations twice before they ever plan over stealing an iPhone!



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