All You Need to Know About The Safe Mode!

By Rimzhim Sharma September 21, 2016 How To, Windows

Don’t you feel exhausted when your boss orders for an urgent report submission while you are in the midst of your daily routine tasks. On top of that your colleague requests you for a favor and then your spouse calls and yells that “Today is the last date for depositing the telephone bill! “Trust me at this point of time you are completely drained out (ready to burst). In the same way if we pre load the machine with multiple tasks then even they might fail.

If only life was this easy, fortunately in windows we have one special feature to saves us from this chaos and it’s the safe mode. The safe mode ensures at the restart that only the most basic drivers are loaded which are needed for windows to run at all.

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What is Safe Mode?

The beauty of the safe mode lies in its simplicity. Of course you won’t find any colorful window themes and color sparkling fonts but yes you will be in an error free zone. Basically, the safe mode boots the system with only the essential drivers loaded onto it.

It’s not required to open your system in the safe mode on daily basis, it is only recommended when you are stuck in the “Oh! what to do next?” moments.

How to switch to safe mode?

For enabling the safe mode on your system you need to restart your PC and instantly press the F8 key before the windows load other drivers. As soon as the safe mode is ON you will experience a variety of options on your screen like “Safe Mode with Networking” or “Safe mode without networking”. There is also an option of “boot the windows normally” in case you need to exit the safe mode.

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There is another way of opening the safe mode if you forgot to press the f8 key at the start. Press the windows + R key then write “msconfig” in the box. After running msconfig you will see a “Safe boot” options under the “Boot” tab. Once the necessary changes are made click “Apply” and “OK”.

Why it is useful and when is it not?

As there are only a limited number of essentials loaded in the safe mode option this eliminates the reason for any malware to enter the zone. However, there are some types of malware that are still able to run in the safe mode as well (but most will not). Hence safe mode gives us an opportunity to stay malware protected with less of a struggle.

On the contrast, as the name itself conveys- the safe mode is actually not that “safe”. There are some anti-virus programs which do not operate while we are in the safe mode hence, if any malware enters the wall during this time it will lead to severe effects. So it is recommended to switch back to normal mode as soon as you are done.



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