Adware 101 – How to Prevent Yourself from Adware Attack

By TPS September 28, 2016 How To

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If your PC is surrounded by such kind of pop ups, then a spoiler alert Warning:  Your system might be infected with adware. There are a number of shady advertisers out there who are creating thousands of junk programs every day to fool you.  So welcome to the mystifying world of adware & to further get started let’s first understand what actually an adware is.

What is an adware?

The webopedia dictionary states that an adware is a software which contains advertisements embedded in the application. It is basically a form of software that downloads or displays unwanted advertisements when a user is online. Adware collects data from the sites you frequently visit so that customized ads can be displayed to grab user’s attention. Adware are often characterized to behave in a way that makes it hard to uninstall the program until and unless the dedicated revenue has been generated. In worst cases it gets impossible to recover your system after an adware attack.

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How adware can enter your system?

Mostly, a malicious adware can enter your system via 2 ways-

  • Infectious websites- A single click to an infectious website can result to harmful effects on your system. Hackers often create various strategies as per your web browser’s vulnerability.
  • Freeware- Something which is free of cost always attract a lot of users but it leads to an unwanted trap. Freeware is type of software which includes no monetary cost and is designed a way which creates malicious alterations on your system.

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How to defend your system from Adware?

In spite of being paranoid all the time there are actually some useful tips through which you can decrease the threat of an adware attack on your system –

  • Don’t download the free programs popping up on your screen.
  • If suddenly a new website opens up in your browser (no matter how attractive it is!) immediately decline it and close the window.
  • Don’t click on the links which are given in your spam email messages.
  • Always install the latest version of anti-virus program and keep scanning your system on a regular basis.
  • Keep checking for security updates of your operating system.
  • Keep checking your bowser settings, always block the pop ups.
  • Install Firewall so that you can be notified as soon as an adware enters the wall.
  • Be quite selective about what you download on your system.
  • Beware of attractive advertisement and think twice before clicking on them.

Be updated be protected and catch the adware before it traps you!



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