5 Recurring PC Troubles and How to Fix Them

By Deepak Saxena September 21, 2016 How To

These days computers are a part of everyone’s life. Whether it’s a small entrepreneur or a common man, everyone deals with computers in their daily lives.

It is common knowledge that computers are as much a part of our lives as are our daily meals! Sure there are quite a few portable and handy devices doing the exact same things that a PC does. But let’s face it, desktops are an almost indispensable part of our day-to-day activities. It’s so much easier to work with one!

But how well do you treat your computer?

Here’s a small test for you to find out the answer.

  • Does your PC ‘Hang’ Often?
  • Does it take a lot of time to boot?
  • Does it ‘Crash’ Often?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to even one of those questions, you are just not doing enough to keep your System in good shape. Would you do the same with your own health? We hope not!]

A slow computer is not only frustrating but can hamper your daily activities too. Imagine the browser taking forever to load.

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So here are 5 of the most common and recurring PC problems that you are likely to come across and easy solutions for them. If you don’t fix these problems, they are bound to affect your PC’s performance sooner than later.

  • System running at snail’s pace: – Is your system running slow in spite of having best processor and hardware components? Dealing with a slow computer is like driving a super car on a busy road where sometimes even a cyclist can over take you. There are so many reasons for system slow down some of them are having some unused programs running in background, Software or OS needs an update or system is overloaded with junk files. To speed up your computer you can try this.
    • You can end unused applications and processes by using task manager but do this carefully because ending a process related to OS may lead to system shut down and you will not get a chance to save anything.
    • Check for an update for OS and softwares.
    • Deleting temporary and junk files time to time can also help in boosting your system’s speed.
  • Blue screen of death (BSOD): – Blue screen of death (BSOD): – Have you ever seen a scary blue screen on your computer with white text on it? It may give you the impression that your computer will now be resting in peace! But do not worry. This happens because you may have recently attached a hardware or a software which you have just installed. You can resolve this by applying some simple fixes such as.
    • Restart your computer in safe mode and uninstall the recently installed software.
    • Start your computer in last known good configuration.
    • If you have just attached a hardware, simply detach it.
  • Browser hijacking: – Just Imagine that you are travelling in a plane and come to know that it has been hijacked. Obviously now you will be scared as plane is now in wrong hands and the hijackers can take it anywhere they want. Similarly, in browser hijacking your browser will not remain in your hands its homepage will keep changing and sometimes you will be redirected to a different website. Some of the most common solutions and preventions for this are as follows.
    • You can reset your browser to get rid of browser hijacking. To reset internet explorer, you can find a reset button in tools>internet options>advanced>reset.
    • Clear browsing history and uninstalling unused plug ins can also protect you.
    • Keep your firewall turned on to prevent your browser from hijacking attacks.
  • Data theft: – If you think that Just locking your computer with password makes it safe then you are wrong. Your data can be stolen away anytime when you are using a computer. What will happen if someday you find that all your passwords have been changed and you are not able to access any of your important files or someone has given list of your clients to your competitor.

All these miss happenings can be avoided by keeping your data backed up on a safe cloud server. This backup is safe because back up sites use high level data security. Another advantage is that you can access your back up anytime and from anywhere.

  • Flash drive and other hardware component not working: We often face these problems. Sometimes we are in a hurry to put some files on a flash drive and suddenly we find that system is not detecting it, sometimes we find our speakers or other hardware not working. The reason may be your drivers need an update.

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The driver is basically a software to run a hardware smoothly. It keeps updating with updates of operating system. So do not panic if your flash drive and any of other hardware components are not functioning properly, just take a deep breath check all the connections and update the driver if required.

So now that you know the solution to 5 most common problems, we hope you’ll enjoy a better computer environment at home and at your work place.



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