3D Touch in iPhone – The Next Generation of Multi Touch

By Rimzhim Sharma September 28, 2016 iOS, Tech Tips

Isn’t it amazing how a single touch of your finger can work wonders! When it comes down to technology it really swivels our feet off the ground to see how drastically its rising day by day. With the launch of iPhone 6s’s 3D touch, the level of technology has mounted to a different level. The 3D touch has granted us with unique ways to interact with our iPhone (Way much faster).

The 3D touch allows the iPhone to perform various tasks in just one touch depending upon how hard you are pressing. As for instance, if you launch the camera app with simple finger touch it will open the camera mode but if we press it harder (3D touch) than the same app will give us various shortcut options like create a video or take a selfie. Through this process we can directly select the shortcut option and save our time and effort of without having to first launch and navigate the application.

What all you can do with the 3D touch on your iPhone 6s?

There are a plenty of exciting features of iPhone’s 3D touch which are often overlooked by many users.

Peek and Pop

The Peek and pop feature lets you preview all kinds of content without having to actually open it. Say for instance you want to peek inside a Gmail message then you can do it with a light press but on the same time if you hard press it we can open the mail and pop inside it.

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Quick Screen actions


This is the ultimate shortcut to do the things which you love most. The Quick actions lets us perform the task in faster and much fewer steps. We can now simply snap the camera to take a selfie or if we want to send a message to our favorite contact. Nowadays most of the mobile apps are updating their features to enable Quick access.

Switch between apps

Rather than double clicking the home button to open the app switcher you can now simply hard press on the left side of the screen edge to switch between applications. Keep swiping until you find the application which you are looking for and just tap to open it.

Pressure Sensitive Drawing

The iPhone notes application is now preloaded with the pressure sensitive drawing feature which helps in creating an everlasting impression (like you are drawing on the paper). We just have to simply light press on the screen for drawing the lighter lines and hard press for jotting the thicker ones.


Playing the LIVE Photos

Live photos are a whole new way of looking at the photography. It helps us capture the moments with motion and sound. We can easily view the LIVE photo by just hard pressing on the picture to see it come alive. Apple also gives us an additional benefit of setting the LIVE photo as our wallpaper which gives an additional LIVE effect to our lock screen.

The Future of Technology

Apple has always been the pioneer in the technical era. The 3D touch technology of Apple is being appreciated by many users worldwide. Other competitors are even spell bound and are trying new ways of innovation for encashment of something better than this or maybe something which holds equal significance to this. The 3D touch is hence here to stay- for long!



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