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Save Live Instagram Videos on iPhone

How to Save Your Live Instagram Videos on iPhone?

With the advancement in social media many platforms have rolled out the feature to get live. Which is amazing as we don’t need to first save the recorded video and upload it later. Instead, videos…

By Deepak SaxenaMarch 31, 2017How To
Disable Facebook Live Notifications

Here’s How You can Disable Facebook Live Notifications

Facebook is undoubtedly one of our favorite applications that we can scroll for endless hours. The app is loved by millions of users worldwide! And Facebook Live is one of the newest feature which is…

Protect Privacy and Security on Android Device

How to Protect Privacy and Security on Android Device?

We spend a decent amount of time in protecting privacy on computers and laptops. But with time, our laptops and computers have been replaced by smartphones and tablets. So now we need better privacy on…

By Deepak SaxenaMarch 30, 2017Android, How To
Add Your Kids to Family Sharing on iOS

How to Add Your Kids to Family Sharing on iOS?

You can now set up your child’s account to family sharing and prevent them from viewing any unsuitable content. Creating a kid’s Apple ID creates an “Ask to Buy” button, which notifies you whenever your…

By Deepak SaxenaMarch 29, 2017How To